Winemaking can be a lot of fun, a lot of hard work, and great to taste... but it really is a lot of hard work, with a lot of cleaning! If anyone understands this, it's us!

We have a couple of programs to bring the awesomeness of wine, not the brooms.

We have created two programs to get you, and your friends or workmates, into winemaking as a sort of Greatest Hits collection.

"The Epic Masterclass" is a day to end all winemaking days. You'll select a variety to help make, have a tasting session of the icons of that very variety, get your hands dirty making the very stuff, and then polish the day off in true vintage style with a BBQ and a few beers!

"Full Vintage Experience" gives you the opportunity to make a wine from start to finish (anywhere from 100L to 10000L!). You'll select a variety and vineyard from a long list of top properties, plan out wine with us, then go through any part of the process you want; receival, initial processing, ferment tasting, post-ferment handling... and then the greatest moment, the bottling! Then you'll have a bottled wine all of your own!

Let's start with lunch

All good things start with lunch. And the Epic Masterclass is no different. The northern suburbs of Melbourne is famous for its cuisine, Lebanese, Greek, and Vietnamese to name a few. We'll kick things off with a Best of the North lunch like no other to get things rolling.

Icon tasting

After lunch we'll prepareĀ our palates by tasting through icon wines of the variety we'll be making that day, hosted by our expert sensory expert.

Makin' the wine!

OK, so palates are prepared. Now it's time to make the wine! You'll learn about and get involved in the making of a full wine processing operation. You'll receive the grapes, test the grapes, crush the grapes, and get it ready for fermentation! To get the full picture, you'll also taste a range of ferments to see what is to come (because we've already seen how it finishes!)

BBQ time!

Phewf! Now it's time to enjoy the best part of vintage, the end of night BBQ and beer! We'll fire up a famous northern burbs charcoal bbq, get the sausages on, an try a couple of beers from the craft brewery just down the road.

Now that is called getting it done!

How the full vintage experience works
Select your vineyard
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Discuss the winemaking plan
Grape receival and processing
Ferment tasting
Post-ferment tasting and planning
Bottling the little beauty

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